Experiment # 1: Tandoori Mango Sausage and Tomato Vegetable Soup


Participants: Melissa, Heidi, and Matthew (the roommates!)

FAILED! I planned to make beef stew this week, so I headed over to the farmer's market to purchase beef cubes. Unfortunately, the meat was left on the kitchen table for nearly a day (was it me or Matt...hmm!). Still craving a meaty stew, I turned to tandoori and mango chicken sausage as a quick alternative.

First, we started to scavenge the fridge for all the delicious things we could place in the soup.

What we used for the soup crunchies: kale, spinach, purple beans, fingerling potatoes, carrots, spring onions, leeks and mushrooms. Kale and Spinach was added raw and everything else was cooked together with olive oil and butter.

For the base: Herbs and heirloom tomatoes cooked and mashed into the base, then water was added.

Heidi's a vegetarian, so we cooked the sausage separately, sliced it, and added it into our own bowls at the end for the ultimate soup!

Our finished product:


Here are some soups that we have previously made:

Rainbow Fireworks Soup (by Matthew)

Chickpea and Rice Stew (by Melissa!)

What's next?!