AmeriCorps NCCC Vinton, IA: Week One

imag0050.jpg One week in the sack for my Vinton, IA adventure, and everything is still sinking in. There’s not much time to reflect as I’m either training nonstop, preparing meals or attempting sleep.

This is the place where I attempt sleep:









These are my room window views:













Things that I am excited about:

-         I was accepted into my dream school, merely days before I left for Iowa. I will be attending Sterling College in spring 2013! I feel like it’s the perfect school for me, and AmeriCorps is providing skills that I will be able to practice such as…

-         Chainsaw training! Yes, I am quite excited to use a chainsaw.

-         Learning our first assignment next month, which is most likely going to be prescribed burns for prairie restoration, or some related project.

-         Matt has started his application processfor Sterling, so we could possibly go to school together and work together on our mutual passion. (!!!!!)

I am proud of myself to have made fire team. This involved carrying a 45lb bag for three miles in less than forty-five minutes. I used the hiking backpack that Matthew got for me, and it felt great! Though I was extremely sore the next day, I was not winded at all for the actual test. It may had something to do with my absence of music for the entire trip and the fact that the indoor track where we completed the test had wifi… enabling me to use the Pandora app for music galore. It really is the simple things in life. I will have to do this test again next month with the rest of the fire team, who are AWESOME. The fact that I am on fire team made me feel like all of my team members were already highly motivated individuals, and I am really excited to work with them. Hopefully they won’t mind that I am posting our first team photos here, which were taken at one of our trainings:














I am trying extra hard to be more proactive and participate, instead of sticking to my own introverted ways. I haven’t been in such a social environment in a long time, and for the past year and a half, I’ve mainly hung out with Matthew (who I miss dearly). One of my efforts is joining AmeriChorus, which I haven’t attended yet but I will update what this entails once I am sure.

My gardening efforts have been unsuccessful so far, but I am still trying. There are still plenty of places to contact, and my team drove past a community garden today on the way to Vinton’s only coffee shop. I am going to make some serious efforts this weekend and perhaps stray into the community and try to network with some folks.

The rest of the week includes CPR training, baselines, and more training. Next week we start our 5:30AM physical training, woo!

All in all, I would say that I am happy, and eager for the future.

P.S. Here's me in my AmeriDorks uniform: