Livin' the Dream Sustainable Bike Tour

Picture 001 Well, lots of things have been happening. After my first long distance bike ride in July, I was inspired to do a long-term bike trip. I met someone named Gina in my AmeriCorps NCCC program that had a similar dream, so we started talking about actually making it happen. Thus, here we are now...on the road via bicycle with two more people, George, and Nidia, who also thought it sounded like an awesome idea.

We graduated from AmeriCorps NCCC on November, 14th...and then went home for Thanksgiving. Then on December 1st, we all met up in Charleston, SC, and now we are in Savannah, GA. Heading south down towards the Keys and then making our way back up Florida to get to New Orleans. After we finish in two months, I will go to Vermont for school ( days after)! Woohoo!

We have been camping, couchsurfing, and other random happenings. We plan to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and also WWOOF. This has been the perfect thing to do after AmeriCorps NCCC.

I am using my bike that I had since I was seventeen that I simply added a $30 rack onto. I use bungee cords to strap my one bag, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad onto...totalling around 20-25 pounds. George has a bike trailer that we make fun of him for (it even has a flag...), but he carries our two tents in there, so in the end it is very resourceful.

I am making a comic project based on our experiences and interviewing people on sustainable agriculture. Check out my Kickstarter where I am only $65 dollars away from my goal!

I probably won't be able to update much, but this blog has been neglected for a while and my public library computer session was extended by 15 minutes so I thought, why not!

The picture above was when we were on the way to camp on this beautiful island, Hunting State Park, where there's a beach full of driftwood and raccoons climbing palm trees.

We don't have a place lined up tonight so we are probably going to camp out somewhere.

Until next time!