Happy Labour Day!

In Jamaica, Labour Day is a time for community members to come together and do service projects that beautify and improve their surroundings. I joined in on one of the many projects happening in my community, which was painting the local basic school. I love the spirit of community service and I wish there were more projects days like this, everywhere in the world! IMG_5908IMG_5910IMG_5922


"On May 23 each year, unless it falls on a Saturday or Sunday, Jamaicans celebrate Labour Day by volunteering their time and energy towards the beautification and enhancement of communities across the island.

A national holiday, Labour Day has been officially recognised in Jamaica since 1960. However, it was the events of 1938 which opened a new era in the life of the working man of all classes and brought about a fundamental change in the relationship between the workers and their employers in Jamaica. From this change emerged a new order of effective trade unionism which would eventually lead to the formation of Jamaica’s two main political parties and ultimately to its Independence from colonial rule. Ever since 1939, Jamaica has paused on May 23 to recognise the value of work and the immense contribution of the workers to the development of the country.

The three main objectives of Labour Day are: • enhancing the dignity of labour by improving the environment • inspiring the spirit of community development, and • encouraging the principle of solidarity; Jamaicans working, building and sharing together."

From Jamaica Information Service Rain was on and off but we got a lot of work done, and the building looks fresh!

Painting always brings me back to my AmeriCorps NCCC days, where my team projects included painting campground buildings, benches, houses, fences---you name it, my team painted it.

Just a short and sweet post to celebrate a successful Labour Day 2016...looking forward to next year!