One sunny Saturday during rainy season, I decided to go outside and paint. I grabbed a canvas that was home to a still life that I got bored with (and lost the reference photo in my computer crash). I already was starting a different painting on top of the still life (*ahem*...that I also got bored with), so this was try #3. I love color, but I am not comfortable using most color mediums to make art that I feel proud of. I want to push myself in my work and will be exploring new mediums and sharing my process/progress in my blog from time to time. I hope you enjoy the experiments!

I actually didn't mean to make a post about my painting along the way, but I often take pictures of my drawings it progresses, for my own eyes. When I look at a drawing for so long, I feel like I can't see it at all anymore, and snapping a picture is my best bet to take a step back and see how it is going.




Progress #1


Although I enjoyed experimenting with paint and color, I simply didn't have the technique or patience down to finish this painting solely through one medium. I decided to ink over what I had!



The end product (for now...):

image (5).jpg

Home, November 2016 (mixed media)  I would like to experiment adding more color to my work, especially watercolor with ink, my favorite pair (based on the work of other illustrators who have mastered the combination). I'm content with my painting, even if I ended up switching over to ink, my comfort zone, towards the end.

I'm lucky to have a gorgeous view right outside my front door.

Until next time!