Growing Power in Milwaukee, WI

           I am having so much fun working at Growing Power, and learning valuable skills for the future of my own eventual homestead. In merely two weeks, I've learned how to care for goats and chickens, including milking a goat and treating one with antibiotic injections (to treat mastitis). I've learned how to produce oyster and shiitake mushrooms, and how to construct a hoop house (though I would probably need some assistance on any construction project, I've found it is my weakest link). I've completed hands on work with vermicomposting and became best friends with a pitchfork. I work six days a week and by the end of most of them I am sore and dirty, and it feels great. My year of AmeriCorps NCCC toughened my skin for any work situation, and I am grateful I had that year of community service.   When I am not too exhausted, I go on bike rides, and last Monday I went to my first show in Milwaukee to see Father John Misty (a project by a former member of Fleet Foxes). Man, does Joshua Tillman have some dance moves. My housing is pretty bare with minimal furniture and no internet or television, so I've been working on my comic project and reading lots of books. Good things to come!

Laying hens running to the door because they know they are getting fed.



Collecting Eggs.P1220302

This kid climbed through his feeder, and I swear this is a content "look at what I did" smile.


Milking a doe, Marshmellow!P1220343

Oyster Mushrooms.


Home aquaponics system



Will Allen giving a tour and explaining vermicomposting to guests.P1220368