Art Made For Peace Corps Jamaica

Here are some images I have made for Peace Corps Jamaica over my course of service. I would love to learn more about graphic design, because up to this point I have learned solely by experimentation (thanks, Google!). I use Photoshop Elements 12 Editor, which came free with my Wacom tablet. I thought my Wacom tablet would be used only for personal projects (making comics) so I am glad that it has proved to be a handy thing to bring! I. Welcome Banner for new Peace Corps Trainees:


II. Tote bag image to be printed on a black canvas bag for our Empress Retreat (second annual meet-up for female volunteers)


III. Peace Corps Jamaica T-Shirt, modeled by the lovely Carla!


I am hoping to get some drawing tablets in the near future for my high school art class. I took my tablet to class one day and they loved it! The principal is supportive of this goal and we have discussed setting up a site to raise funds. The tablet I own, which comes with decent software, costs about US$70.00. If we can get about 4-5, I can schedule labs to let students become more familiar with how drawing with a tablet works, as well as demonstrate all of its practical uses.

The company that makes my tablet will be at the Kingstoon Animation Festival that I am bringing some students to this weekend (!?!) and I was hoping maybe they could offer us with some sort of school discount...we'll see! I still can't believe that my students are actually going to come to this conference with me (the school is providing a bus and everything!). It will be amazing if it really happens, but I am not going to count my chickens before they fingers are crossed!

All the best,

Mel Mel