Mel Mel's Spiced Bun

IMG_2576 “‘Jamaican bun’ or ‘Jamaican Easter bun” [is a] a rectangular loaf, moist and heavy, with lots of fruits and a light brown color…The regular companion of bun is cheese, specifically the processed variety known as ‘tin cheese’….Spicy buns chock-full with raisins and cherries and topped with chunks of delicious cheese, are all a part of the Jamaican Easter tradition.” from “Jamaican Food: History, Biology, Culture” by B.W. Higman (2008)

 Last Easter in Jamaica, I made my in-training host mother a fresh loaf of spiced bun, and she loved it. Spiced bun is eaten year-round in Jamaica, usually with cheese, but it is especially popular during the Easter holiday. Spiced bun is a (very) sweet loaf made with molasses, dried raisins, stout beer, and freshly grated ginger/nutmeg/cinnamon. The other day I  was flipping through my journal and came across the recipe I used in training, and since it just happens to be Easter weekend,  I decided to have a bake-fest and make mini-spiced buns for my neighbors. I l live in the bottom flat and I think my neighbors always get a little excited when they can smell something sweet baking, because they know I will always give them some! To be honest, it is two parts being kind, and one part because I have no self control and only spare myself a portion to eat over the next couple of days.

I used this recipe, but subbed coconut oil for butter (because butter is expensive). I found the bun really sweet, so if you make it, perhaps try a little less sugar. I also subbed currants for craisins (they are hard to find) and added dried cherries to the mix.

Tastee Cheese header.jpg

 (Above photo taken from here)


Have a great Easter!