P1220269 First full day living in Milwaukee, WI. Waved farewell to Kim after our seventeen-hour voyage from Vermont, We celebrated our arrival to Milwaukee with Fantastic Mr. Fox, beer, and bargain brand frosted flakes that a previous tenant left behind I was grateful for the abandoned treats, but not for the cruddy shower And I spent hours unpacking and cleaning And calculated that it takes me precisely three hours to make a room my own.

I sang in my shower for the first time. And then I went to do my laundry because All I packed were dirty clothes.

No tools and a disassembled bike. A road bicycle that wasn’t made for dirt roads that has been down the wildest dirt roads. My poor road bike, but those bumpy rides were worth it. Took the lazy way out and called a cab to transport my frame, pedals, seat and wheels to a bike shop. I chose an out of the way bike shop which meant a decent ride home once it was put back together If I calculated prior to the taxi ride that the cab tab was going to be that much money, I would have been on the bus huddled with my bike, trying not to smack a stranger with my wheel-less, pedal-less frame But at least the cab driver was nice. We talked about Chicago and Mississippi and slaughtering animals And he asked me if I ever held my boyfriend down with my strong legs But immediately said, “just kidding” with the onset of my nervous laughter.

The second I was back on my bicycle Everything was grand.

I wonder what kind of bugs keep flying into my eyes and mouth And question their nutritional content since my fridge is still empty Lake Michigan is pleasing and these strong legs of mine Are ready to hold it down this summer.

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