Livin' in Jamaica: A Day in the Life

IMG_1807 During Peace Corps training in Jamaica, trainees spent three weeks with a host family in Hellshire as we trained on weekdays and had the weekends to get to know the culture, history, and environment of our new home. In Hellshire, I experienced so much NEW---new foods, nine nights, dominoes and for the first time in my life, the beauty of living very close to a beach! Below, I made a photo-journal of our last day in Hellshire, which started with a cool, early morning run with views of the ocean and stray dogs coming along for the exercise. After running, what else is appropriate to do than to hop into the ocean where others are already out swimming and surfing. I tried boogie boarding for the first time and swam around as the sun came up. It felt great to exercise and be outside and realize that it was only 8am when I was finally heading back home. Below are some views of the beach. Hellshire is home to white-sand beaches, limestone caves, and a biologically diverse community within its dry limestone forests. IMG_1798







IMG_1833 A My fellow volunteer trainee, Choice, organized painting over crude graffiti and replacing it with this mural. I contributed with the doctor bird (Jamaica's national bird). Kids in the neighborhood put up their handprints and neighbors helped paint.


102_2174 102_2176



Basically, I am having a great time in training and don't have too much time or internet to update on a regular basis but stay tuned!