Summertime 2013 and the livin' is... (photo heavy)

P1220519 It has been quite the summer, thus far. Since my last post, I concluded my internship at Growing Power, in which I had a wonderful experience. During these past three months, I had incredible opportunities to gain skills in cultivating mushrooms, managing honeybees, working farmers' markets and facilitating gardening lessons at a summer camp (a short list among countless other exposure to new ideas/skills). In addition,  I was able to experience the city of Milwaukee in the way I like best...on my bicycle! I got to explore the city, see splendid live music, and meet lovely new friends. My life feels like one big adventure, and I thank the universe for the opportunities and happiness that I've experienced these 23 years. It is my sincere hope that I can stay inspired, and in turn inspire others to make positive changes to their own lives.



Jazz in the Park in Milwaukee, WI


Awesome hanging bike rack in Bay View (my bike is the first one!)





Goats (and Natalie!)


IMG_0276 IMG_0324

The new mushroom truck is working (and so is Zach)!



I love oyster mushrooms...

IMG_0281 IMG_0075

...from harvest to consumption! (mushroom tacos)

IMG_0331 IMG_0182

Growing stuff (pictured: peas, cucumber, kale, carrots, and okra)!

P1220495 j IMG_0286 IMG_0338


Hey ladies! (Honeybees!)




Teaching kids about gardening!



Started makin' my own toofpaste


Learned how to make chocolate in a labor for education (and food/chocolate because Dan is awesome) exchange. Check out Dan's chocolates

These photographs do not even begin to illustrate the fabulous time that I had. I have many fond memories of cooking out, dancing like a fool, and simply having good times with good company.

The Next Chapter: Big Sky


Now, I am in Montana, where I spent some time in Bozeman, meeting more lovely folks and dancing away to bluegrass. Then I hopped in a car north to Helena, where I reunited with my best friend, partner in crime, chess opponent, and various other titles/relations...George Kimball! Here is a photo narrative of George and Matt on what to do when your frisbee goes over a fence.

IMG_0351 IMG_0352IMG_0353

I am excited to do things (camp, swim, explore) in Montana. Happy rest of summer!