An Introduction to My Senior Project: Agriculture and Arthropods


As I begin my (currently untitled) senior project at Sterling College, this blog is occasionally going to take an unusual turn: a critical look at insects and worms. I considered creating a separate blog for these explorations, but knowledge of insects and other non-arthropods is crucial to anyone interested in agriculture. For one, they are out there working as hard as any farmer may work their fields, pollinating, scavenging, and fertilizing soils. Two, pest identification and the ability to handle these conflicts in the most natural means possible is an important skill to have in any agriculturalist's toolbox. Furthermore, there is the consideration of these critters in intentional compost systems (such as vermicomposting), and even as a food source! You read it correctly...part of my senior project will be putting aside my own cultural views of what is considered food and taste testing a variety of edible bugs! So I hope you will join me on my adventure to learn, and then teach, about the wonderful world of tiny creatures.