Podcast, Friendsgiving, and T-shirt Design

Long time me neva update! My lack of blog presence hasn’t been on purpose; I lost my Internet access for the past month or so, which has been a blessing in disguise. No Internet has encouraged better habits in my daily life such as reading more, getting out into my community, and simply being present. However, today I finally caved to my desire to indulge in a little interwebs and here I am at an Internet café that is about a half hour walk from my house. DSCN0149.jpg



November, like many months here, came and went with the blink of an eye. I started it off enjoying my last full day home in Philly, and in the evening I visited an old friend, Dan Drago. Last year, Dan began producing a podcast called 25 O’ Clock, and even though I was only home for three and a half days, I agreed to come over to do a session for his show. I’m glad that I did! For one, he is located in a neighborhood that I used to live in (South Philly near Snyder station), and it was a blast from the past being in that area after many years. I hope you poke around his site and I encourage you to check out episodes of his podcast. Here is a link to the podcast episode.

Then I came back to Jamaicaland. November had its ups and downs, but one of my November highlights was starting a garden in my yard.


The ultimate highlight of November, by far, was the fact that my best friend, Kim Tri, came to visit me! Kim was my first visitor here on the island and I had a blast showing her my community, as well as having her for Thanksgiving.




Friendsgiving was so much fun---the amount of food we pulled together was ridiculous! My biggest feat was making my first pies (apple and pumpkin) from scratch!





Here are two recent bonus pictures:



See the header on top of this blog? I quickly created it as a last minute submission for our annual T-shirt contest, and I think they look pretty spiffy:


DSCN0305.jpg So, not too much time for a real update (the café timer is ticking), but things are good and I am really excited to experience Christmas in Jamaica (although I will miss my family!).