Displaying oyster mushrooms grown on seed trays, 2013

Displaying oyster mushrooms grown on seed trays, 2013

Growing Oyster Mushrooms


I learned how to grow oyster mushrooms while doing a summer internship at Growing Power in Milwaukee, WI (an amazing urban farm which no longer exists).

Similar to growing plants, your geographic location is going to generate its own unique set of challenges for growing oyster mushrooms. For example, in Milwaukee, slugs and roaches were huge pests of tasty mushrooms. Here in Northern AZ, the biggest challenge is making sure the mushrooms bags don't dry out!

This is my correct technique for growing mushrooms, but I'm not declaring it the right way. At this point I am a complete amateur!


  • Straw

  • Coconut Coir

  • Masonry Lime

  • Drying rack (compost sifters work great)

  • Upcycled seed bags

  • Grain Spawn (try to find a local supplier)

  • Storage containers

  • Twine

  • Worm Compost Bin for maxed out substrate